I hesitated at first about making this tutorial because I myself find it difficult. 
Not one piece I made came out exactly the same in size or shape. 
Although it looks easy enough but when you actually put the components together to form the pendant you will find that it can make you want to pull your hair out!
However because I really like the uniqueness of this pendant form that made me decided to make it into a tutorial and share it with others.
Having said the truth about this, 
I hope you will give this tutorial a try and adopt the technique and be adventurous with the bead choice J

Level: Intermediate to Advance

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· 18gauge dead soft copper wire 36inches
·  24gauge dead soft copper wire 6 inches
·  6mm Turquoise bead 1 piece
·  Copper jump rings 2 pieces


· Chain nose pliers
· Round nose pliers
· Wire cutters
· Flat nose pliers
· Ruler
· Wire filer
Chasing hammer and metal block

Pages: 15
File Size: 1.4mb

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