Making simple earring hooks, WIRE JEWELRY TUTORIAL

Earring hooks are easy to make. Important things you should remember are to pick the right wire gauge and to file any sharp ends. The best gauge to use in my opinion for an average size earring is 20 gauge wire but sometimes others prefer thinner wires like 22 gauge wire.

List of Materials:

  • 20 gauge round silver plated copper wire

List of Tools:

  • Round Nose Pliers
  • Flat Nose Pliers
  • Wire Cutter Pliers
  • Ring mandrel or anything similar like a pen, wire rounder tool or even large knitting needles.
  • Filer

Step 1,  Measure 20 gauge wire and cut 2 pieces of 2 inches.

Step 2, Holding both wires together, make “P” loop at one end of the wires.

Step 3, 

Step 4, Again holding both wires together securely as in picture, position the centre part of the wires onto the ring mandrel or a marker pen or anything similar.

Step 5, Bend the wires gently and firmly around the mandrel to form the ear hook curve

Step 6, Again holding both wires securely together, gently bend the wire end with flat nose pliers.

Step 7, the completed simple earring hooks

I hope that this pictorial is easy to understand and enjoyable to craft out. Do not worry about crafting out exactly as the pictorial. I believe in practicing some flexibility and not conform 100% to a tutorial. Each crafter has their  own unique individual way and do what works for you and yet achieve the same result.

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