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This is a very basic tutorial about knitting with wires. It is suitable for those who does not know how to knit and would like to learn how to knit a simple bracelet. There is no fancy knitting pattern in this tutorial just the basic KNIT, so do not be afraid thinking that it may be hard.

 If you face problems with this tutorial, please contact me ASAP via email to and I will try my very best to assist you. 


· One spool 26 gauge copper wire (for first timers, better practice with inexpensive copper wires)
· 15 inches of 16gauge or 18gauge copper wire
· 100 pieces of 4mm round faceted cut glass crystals.
· 2 pieces of cone shape bead caps


· Chain nose pliers
· Round nose pliers
· Wire cutters
· Flat nose pliers
· No.12 knitting needles
· Wire filer
· Pen


Number of steps: 70
Number of pages: 38
PDF file size: 3.22MB

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. 
If you need to ask questions and  need further help with the handmade jewelry making tutorial, please email me at:

Please do not distribute, lend, copy or mass produce this handmade jewelry making tutorial for re-sale or for jewelry making workshops other than author’s own. 
Please respect all intellectual property of whimsicalnquirky handmade jewelry.

However you can use this jewelry making tutorial to produce finished products for your own pleasure or for individual sale.

You are encourage to apply the techniques learned from this jewelry making tutorial to come up with your own creative works .

Copyrights 2010 @Rimaumanja,

NEW tutorial coming up soon! :)

Do you know how to knit?
Would you like to learn how to knit with wire? :))

I am now working on a new tutorial applying knitting technique with wire. Casting wires on to the knitting needle is not as easy as casting yarn. So I have made several adjustments from the conventional way of casting on so that it is more practical when casting on with wire. It is  easier and less complicated... M's style k :)

The first and second step of writing the tutorial is done and now i am into the final stage :)