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This is a very simple and yet lovely ring to wear. All you need is some wires ( not much), scraps are perfect and one single round 6mm bead. If you prefel larger size will probably need to use different wire gauges to suit that bead.

Materials i used for this free tutorial,
6mm swarovski pearl
16 gauge wire
24 gauge wire

ring mandrel
cutter pliers
round nose pliers
flat nose pliers
chain nose pliers
wire filer


Begin directly from the spool. 
Measure and cut the desired ring size.
Leave about an inch on each end from the point where wires meet at the centre.

cut wire away from spool.
File sharp wire ends with wire filer.

If you have 24gauge wire scraps from past projects,this is the time to use them.
You will need about 6-7 inches in length.

make 5 wraps around ring frame as in picture.

thread in one pearl bead.

position pearl across ring on overlapping point.

wrap wire tail around ring frame as in picture.

Then wrap wire tail around pearl.

Repeat wrapping wire tail around pearl bead.
On the 3rd or 4th wrap, wire tail position is at the back.

Then wrap that wire tail around ring frame 4 or 5 times, your preference.

Cut any excess wire.

Final step is to curve in both wire ends of ring frame.


I hope you enjoyed this free tutorial.
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