The making of - Donut & Bone

Step 1, measure and cut wire approximate 8 inches and fold it in half.

Step 2, 

Step 3, 

Step 4,

Step 5,

Step 6, make two herringbones on each wire

Step 7,

Step 8,

Step 9,


OK people, this is just a brief idea on how i get something like "JAIMIE'S COIN".

Did you notice the absolutely GORGEOUS turquoise stone? OMG...i found some recently that i dont know which to use to craft items for sale and which to keep for myself!

The design above actually looked more dramatic on the coin. On the turquoise above..look so so will make some modification soon. 

Anyway, thought of sharing something simple that i know some crafters out there already know the herringbone method that i been this is just some of the ideas you can adopt and apply to your own design.



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  1. Thanks Mas for sharing this tutorial. Leh try nanti *need to figure out where I can get donut stone*

  2. hi ani,

    terima kasih sama-sama sebab datang jenguk-jenguk kat site sini pulak :)

    now you dah tahu how to do the herringbone, so this is another idea how you can apply that technique.

    happy crafting! :)