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This lesson shows how to make this sweet lovely pair of earrings by incorporating the open Viking knit technique, a  wire weaving technique with beads.

Material List:
  •  18 gauge copper  wire
  •  24 gauge copper  wire
  •  32 pieces of 4mm round faceted cut glass crystals

Tool List:
  •  Chain nose pliers
  •  Round nose pliers
  •  Wire cutters
  •  Flat nose pliers
  •  Ruler
  •  Wire filer

  • Number of steps: 35
  • Page count: 19
  • File size: 1.4MB
I hope you will enjoy this jewelry making tutorial. 
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Please respect all intellectual property of whimsicalnquirky handmade jewelry.

However you can use this jewelry making tutorial to produce finished products for your own pleasure or for individual sale.

You are encourage to apply the techniques learned from this jewelry making tutorial to come up with your own creative works .

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  1. Fabulous earrings and great design. Love the look of these! How much is the tutorial in US Dollars and do you take Paypal. I'm sure Americans will want to know. I'm going to follow your blog. Hope it's a successful tutorial for you.

  2. hi lois :)

    thank you for the lovely compliment :)

    yes you can purchase the tutorial in USD and pay via paypal from
    the link is,

    have a lovely day :)


  3. Thank you so much. I learned of your blog through the FF blog hop of another blog and I'm now following you. What beautiful work you do.

    Anyway the way blog hops go is I follow you and then you follow me in return. So I hope you'll come visit my blog and follow me. But I'm so glad I found this blog honestly. Thank you.